Modular Wall Systems

Modular wall systems are the modern healthcare space construction technology that is hygienic and futuristic, with recyclable and sustainable high-quality wall covering systems, designed to meet the needs of today's healthcare areas with all aspects.

Modular Wall Systems

Our modular systems service, with its unique combination of quality, innovation and aesthetics, is able to meet the new requirements of today's rapidly changing and developing healthcare systems, and to develop the existing systems comprehensively to facilitate the integration of a new device when necessary, in the shortest time and at the most affordable cost.


The modular wall systems used in sterile areas such as the Operating Room, Central Sterilization and Intensive Care Units are much faster, cleaner, noiseless and easily coordinated with other systems compared to projects using traditional construction methods. Having completely independent infrastructure of existing structural walls and supports, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, medical devices and all other requirements are locked together and provide maximum impermeability as a single structure.


Advantages of Modular Systems

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Flexible and can be easily adapt to new technologies
  • Aesthetic opportunities, desired color and visual combination can be used
  • Provides operational efficiency with rapid installation and modification
  • Does not require a special cleaner, can be cleaned easily and minimizes the risk of infection with its hygienic surfaces
  • With its simple detachable system, it provides easy access to the infrastructure for repair or expansions
  • Does not require any special care



Our Services

  • 3D presentation and design
  • Customized product production for each project
  • Providing field coordination with all other disciplines and installation
  • Medical equipment supply
  • Turnkey solutions including electrical, mechanical, automation, medical gas and modular systems



Our Products

  • Modular Wall Systems
  • Modular Ceiling Systems
  • Door Systems
  • Sterile Area Cabinets
  • Sterile Lighting Systems
  • Operating Room Control Panel
  • Nurse Computer
  • Negatoscope
  • Hand Washing Units
  • Nurse Stations and Benches


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Acibadem Maslak Hospital Modular Operating Rooms
Acibadem Taksim Hospital Modular Operating Rooms
Acibadem Maslak 2 Hospital Operating Rooms