Existing Healthcare Structures continue to face standard challenges in building and maintaining cost-effective facilities to create a healing environment - these challenges are medical technological advances and increasing health needs.




Whether designing a new area or optimizing an existing departments, any slightest detail inevitable from the APM expert team: Technology will continue to evolve.

We keep the future in mind when planning health facilities.

Construction Scenario Planning

The primary purpose is to provide patient and personnel healthcare, service support and hygiene rules during the renovation activities occurred from the needs during the operational process in Healthcare Projects.

Therefore, detailed design drawings are developed in the point not to prevent the flows between relating departments and construction area, patients and personnel flows of department.

The physical flow and infrastructure differences of the renovation areas require that each construction zone be planned in accordance with its own dynamics with a separate project logic.



Phasing is an integral part of the design service. The phasing plan created in line with the operational needs during the design phase will ensure the continuity of the operation without prevent.


Hospital renovation services can be planned in a few stages according to the dimension of consruction area, domain of focus and infrastructure constructions of the renovated areas. The decision to phasing is decided at the project stage, taking into account the needs and systematic requirements of the hospital operational process.

This working / solution model of the project and construction works allows the completion of the renovation works without interrupting the services.

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Acıbadem Maslak 1 Renovation
Acıbadem Maslak Modular Operating Room
Acıbadem Maslak 2 Construction
Acıbadem Maslak 2 Renovation