Technological & Medical Solutions

With the emerging technology, we provide solutions ranging from consultancy to turnkey services with our experience in the health sector, which includes identification of configuration, system selection, design and implementation in the medical and technological field based on the principles of sustainability of different disciplines that are necessary for health buildings.



Medical Equipment Site Preparation

Site planning and physical preparation of the site before installation of large-scale or new generation medical devices of medical spaces such as Imaging / Radiology, Radiotherapy and Operating Room.

Healthcare Buildings with Prefabricated and Mobile Solutions

Providing the opportunity for external structuring or expansion in healthcare facilities with prefabricated and mobile structures.

RFID Aided Hospital Management Systems

Establishing and implementing the management of personnel, patients, medical devices and consumables with RFID-supported systems, which are critical to follow-up for the planning of hospital management .


High Security Laboratory Installations

Planning and implementation of high security areas such as BSL-3, BSL-4, PCR laboratories

Drug Management Systems

Creating a drug management scenario that can be specific for each hospital in order to ensure patient and drug safety with periodic drug stock planning and follow-up of the hospital

Operating Room Management Systems

Ensuring the requirements that may occur during the operation are managed from a single control point and monitoring of the operation status


Robot Aided Logistics Systems

Planning and implementation of daily operations such as transportation of waste, laundry, medicine, food and consumables with robotic systems.

Hospital Automation Systems

Preperation and planning automation scenarios that will ensure efficient and effective operation of mechanical, electrical and medical systems specific to healthcare facilities

Smart Laundry Solutions

Management of dirty, clean and infected laundry with smart laundry systems planning specific to healthcare facilities

Waste Management Solutions

Efficient planning of medical, household, hazardous, chemical and nuclear wastes in accordance with the specifications

Renewable and Waste Energy Sources

Design and installation of system scenarios of renewable and waste energy sources such as wind, solar, cogeneration and trigeneration for healthcare buildings.

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