Acıbadem University Incubation Center

Being a university in the heart of health ecosystem, Acıbadem University founded Incubation Center in 2017, in order to transfer its fund of knowledge and energy to new business ventures. Acıbadem University supports the maturation of new business ideas’ in health field and subsequently their transformation to production.






1.050 sqm

Acıbadem University Incubation Center

Acıbadem University Kerem Aydınlar Campus has an open office, meeting and presentation rooms, open library and multifunctional lounge area in the Incubation Center, which is built on ​​1050 sqm closed area.

The main concept of the project is based on providing creative working environment that allows users to generate ideas together and to increase interaction among groups.

The whole area is designed visually transparent for the design of the creative environment that enables people to see each other and to exchange ideas by communicating. Glass partitions were used only for sound insulation in the meeting and presentation rooms. The large meeting room, where entrepreneurs present their ideas at the incubation stage to the evaluation board, took the design approach from the idea concept ready for realization by not completing the pre-incubation period. This seminar room is designed semi-transparent with oval geometry glass and wooden slats installed in the middle of the open office in the center of 1050 sqm.

The Incubation Center, created with the concept of transparency, allows its users to see what teams are working on and serves as a center where they can stimulate each other's imagination.

  • Info

    Client: Acıbadem University
    Location: Istanbul/Turkey
    Services: Turnkey, Construction, Design, Project Management
    Area: 1050 sqm