About Us

Our Vision:
Is to become a worldwide reference institution in health investments with our skills of design and implementation.

Our Mission:
Is to provide the health sector with highly qualified facilities.


20 Country

35 City

2 Million sqm

80 Projects

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Our Policy of Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Acibadem Project Management offers a complete project management service including contract preparation, testing and commissioning management in pursuance of the constitution of the work established by the employer, in cooperation with its professional team and local and foreign solution partners, with an approach to predict and manage risks which may arise at all stages of the project process including investment decision-making. Acibadem Project Management endeavors for great investments to turn into a great success.

Quality as a principle

“Acibadem Project Management endeavors for great investments to turn into a great success.”

We are a Project Management team that loves and appreciates its job and has made a habit of development. We taking pleasure from being under the same roof with our shareholders, to enhance our professional knowledge and experience in our field.

“We most properly develop and implement investment planning, design and project management services in the most accurate way, facilitating the provision of health services through strong partnerships we have established in line with the principles of “transparency” and “confidentiality”.


Our indispensable principles to complete our services the task in optimal time and optimum cost with high efficiency.

Customer orientation is the main goal in all our local and international projects, so we make sure to always be one step ahead of customer expectations in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Group Companies

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In this context we are company Acibadem Project Management, are committed to encouraging our employees to produce developmental activities, providing resources required for any steps to be taken on this way, to provide the customer with international standards in accordance with legal conditions and specifications, to use our resources in the most effective and optimal way, to continuously improve our activities and to adopt this policy by all our employees, We ensure that the effectiveness of the integrated management systems will be constantly improved.