Determination of Investor Expectations

It can be referred to as “putting dreams on paper.” At this stage, the design criteria are selected, the standards and technology level determined, the idea projects prepared as a result of the clarification of the investor’s objectives.

Selection of Strategic Location

If there is a land, the current condition of the land is determined by site visits. If there is not, a strategic site selection study is conducted and land research performed.

Preparation of Feasibility Study

Economic, technical and financial studies are conducted to make final investment decision. It is aimed to provide investors with the data to make decision by performing systematic and creative analyses on the project and operating functions in order to ensure the desired function, performance and reliability of projects at the lowest “life time” cost.

Pre-Budget Preparation

The pre-budget for the project is determined in accordance with the design criteria and architectural schedule.

Creation of a Master Schedule

It is a work schedule specially designed for investors and indicates the duration and sequence as well as main elements of projects.


Establishment of Design Criteria and Architectural Requirements

The design criteria for projecting and architectural requirements demonstrating sizes, numbers and relations of sites with other ones are established.

Establishment of Design Teams and Special Consultants

Design teams and special advisors to be utilized for specific issues are selected and determined upon the investor's approval and the organization chart is created.  

Functional Planning and Preliminary Projects

Functional planning of the facility is done and drawing of preliminary architectural, mechanical and electrical projects are pursued and coordinated.  At this stage, the conformity of the project with the design criteria and schedule is checked in terms of cost and time planning.

Material Selections

In order to carry out internal furnishing plans and purchasing, the concept is determined, the architectural, electrical and mechanical material type selected and submitted to the investor for approval.

Drawing Application Projects

The drawing of architectural implementation projects, interior design projects, static projects, mechanical implementation projects and electrical implementation projects by the designated design teams is followed up and coordinated.

Consultancy for Obtaining Legal Permissions

All regulatory approvals required for the realization of the investment are listed and a report describing the stages of the application is drawn up. Also any necessary application is made to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the state, such as Incentive Certificates and so on.

Budget Estimate and Quantity Surveys

Budget estimates and bill of quantities are prepared in accordance with the final projects.   

Preparation of Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are prepared for all work items.


Financial Resources Consulting

The cost of project planning and construction processes is estimated and the project budget calculated based on the sketch design parameters.   Negotiations and deals are made with finance providers in cases and Financial Resource Assessment Report submitted to the investor.  

Procurement Planning

In order to carry out the internal furnishing plans and their procurement, the concept is determined, the architectural, electrical and mechanical material type selected and submitted to the investor for approval.  Procurement Plan is prepared in accordance with the construction work schedule.

Preparation of Tender Documents

Project Bill of Quantities is drawn up using the quantities determined based on the final projects.  The unit price tariffs are created for each work item. The tender (request for quotation) specifications are prepared.  Specifications basic to the implementation are drawn up and Tender Dossier is prepared. 

Tender Management

The tender method and accordingly companies which will quote are determined in consultation with the investor.  Companies are analyzed for qualification. The tender process is coordinated based on the companies found qualified and principles of the investor.

Selection of Sub-contractors/Contractors

As a result of discussions with the candidate companies, a Preliminary Assessment Report is submitted to the investor taking into account the price, quality, time, labor, payment terms, machinery and equipment adequacy.  Sub Contractors/ Contractors are assigned upon the approval of the investor.

Preparation of Contracts

The contents of the tender dossier are drawn up and the general specification is prepared to attach to the contract.  Product / Service Procurement / Contracting Agreements are drawn up in consideration of all disputes resulting from the construction process and warranty and guarantee conditions in pursuance of the relevant laws and regulations.



Medical Equipment Planning

Medical Equipment Procurement

Characteristics of special apparatus and equipment used during the construction phase or operation are determined and a market research is done. Alternative product options are identified. A comparison chart is created taking into account the lead times, payment methods, prices and so on and submitted to the investor for approval. A purchase contract is drawn up. The contract management is conducted at every stage up to placement and installation of equipments.


Document Management

An arrangement is made to monitor the Compliance with the work schedule affecting the duration of the construction, provision of information to the investor, project revisions, change requests and, budget and project costs. For this purpose, necessary documentation network is created.

Construction Site Utilization Planning

The mobilization is provided taking into account the land availability, existing barriers, electricity and water supply facilities of the construction site, transportation facilities, surrounding utilizable structures, construction methods, construction type, construction period and climatic conditions.

Preparation of Construction Management Plan

The organization chart displaying the organization of the construction site is drawn and duties, responsibilities and powers of the employees are identified. Instructions and procedures to be pursued throughout the construction process are prepared. A chart is created to include records, correspondence, documents, responsibilities required to be kept in order to monitor time, cost and controls etc.  An Input Control Table is created to include the inspection and acceptance criteria of materials, used for construction, during the delivery to the construction site.

Time Management

The works to be done are listed and “Construction Work Schedule” is prepared using Primavera Project Planner (P6) based on the quantities obtained from the final project.  Progresses are updated periodically for it to be a living schedule.  Progress processes and sub-contractor performance are followed and reported to the investor and it is ensured that potential delays are identified beforehand and necessary measures are taken.

Quality Control/Management

Construction Control Plan is prepared to include construction checkpoints and those responsible for control, and supervision services are carried out under this plan. The quality is checked for compliance with specifications carrying out tests, experiments, inspections and observations.

Cost Control/Management

Construction quantity is controlled if the work is not assigned on “turnkey” basis. The cost estimated at the pre-design stage and the actual costs incurred at the construction stage are compared and the pre-budget is revised. Costs are reported to the investor at each stage. The cash flow schedule pertaining to the projection period is updated.  The measures to reduce the cost are conveyed to the investor.  The methods to reduce the cost approved by the investor are implemented.  Progress payments and remunerations to the sub-contractors are checked and approved. Upon the completion of work, the final account is prepared and reported to the investor.

Contract Execution

It is ensured that the contract is executed in accordance with the terms of contracts made with sub-contractors. Any issue which is contrary to the contract is identified and warnings are given for the correction thereof. In case of conflict, related efforts are made to solve it within the investor’s knowledge.

Substantial Completion and Commissioning

All of the construction is reviewed by considering the general and technical specifications. Deficiencies are determined and a punch list is generated. A Temporary Acceptance is performed by following up deficiencies to be corrected. Commissioning is performed by rendering the same inspection once again at the end of the guarantee term upon the investor’s request.

Know – How Transfer / Consultancy

Cooperation opportunities are sought to take advantage of knowledge and trademark of national and international leading companies in the areas of investment. Preliminary discussions are conducted with such organizations upon the approval of the investor. Issues which are eligible for co-operation (cooperation framework) are determined. The pre-and post-settlement processes are coordinated.

Facility Management

Maintenance categories of each machine (breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, proactive maintenance) are identified. Operation and maintenance instructions (manual) for each machine are prepared with the help of the manufacturers. A Maintenance Plan is made to indicate the maintenance frequency and supervisor. Complete technical maintenance and operating services of the facility are provided.

Preparation of Emergency Scenarios

A emergency scenario is created to include cases such as fire, natural disasters, etc. Various training programs are held for the operating personnel. Periodic practices are coordinated.


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